Sunday, May 17, 2009

Plastic Bags Banned....

I suppose it is not often that we congratulate our Governments for doing something, but our South Australian Government has just brought in a great new law. From the beginning of May, all lightweight, grocery checkout plastic bags have now been banned. We now do our shopping like Grannie used to and take bags with us to put our shopping into. Some people have been quite annoyed by this ban as they had become very used to being given lots of plastic carry bags everytime they did their shopping. This resulted in over 400 million plastic bags being discarded in South Australia alone each year. They never break down in landfill, and many millions of them end up in our oceans and kills thousands of wonderful creatures each year. Some sea animals, like turtles, think they are jellyfish floating in the sea and swallow them, only to choke and die a horrible death. I for one am happy to take my own reusable bags to the supermarket to try and do a little bit to help our poor old environment. Let's hope the rest of Australia follows us with these laws.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gorgeous Dolly.....

Look at this gorgeous rag dolly I just brought. Have you ever seen a more wonderful face?

I am completely entranced by her and I have to smile everytime I look at that expression.

What do you think of her?