Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adelaide's Special Guests......


In 2008, Adelaide Zoo was lucky enough to be chosen to host two Panda's from the Wolong Panda Research Centre in China. The two pandas are able to live in Adelaide for ten years, and the hope is that as they get older, they may breed, helping to increase the numbers of this at risk species. Wang Wang was born in 2005 and is the little boy, and Funi was born in 2006 and is the little girl. Both were very young babes at the Wolong Centre in China when the dreadful earthquake hit in May of 2008. Thankfully, 280 Panda's survived at the Centre after the earthquake, but unfortunately Wang Wang's Mum, Mao Mao, did not. Wang Wang is very laid back in his style and takes things in his stride, Miss Funi is quite agile and loves to chase around quite a bit. If you are ever in Adelaide, please take the chance to visit the Adelaide Zoo and see these wonderful animals. We are so lucky to have them here.