Monday, September 29, 2008

Aussie Food Again..........

I am just getting you all "in the know" if you come to visit our wonderful Australia one day, and you will know all the yummy things to try. These cakes are called "Lamingtons" and if I do say it myself, no one makes them better than my Mum!! They are a small square of plain sponge cake which is dipped in melted chocolate and sugar and then coated in desicated coconut. They are a real Australian tradition. No one is quite sure where they got their name, but it is believed that they were named after Lady Lamington, the wife of the Queensland Governor Baron Lamington back in 1896. Poor love, perhaps she had a reputation for eating lots of cake - I know I have!!!!



Ruth said...

I know these well from the Aussie soaps !! They look scrumptious Christine ..... mmm cake .... :0)
Mini Hugs , Ruth

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Christine,

We enjoy a good lamington over here also.

I suppose you will have had the one lamington that is made from sponge rubber and some unlucky person
will end up with that.