Friday, March 13, 2009

My Husband and Big Bertha.....

Well, my husband has just spent the last week hooked up in bed with "Big Bertha". This past week has been Bernie's second round of chemotherapy, and for this one, they needed to use the biggest pump they have, and the nurses affectionately call her "Big Bertha". If you look at the picture you can see that there are four vertical chambers for delivering the chemotherapy. Above this pump is four large steel poles which hold the chemo bags and other necessary liquids. The reason for "Big Bertha" is that some patients, like Bernie, need lots of different chemo drugs at the one time. Other chemo pumps look similar, but are much smaller and can deliver just one, two or three fluids at a time. Bertha patiently pumps away, 24 hours a day, without fail, delivery these drugs that will hopefully help my husband. I can't possibly be annoyed that he has spent the last week with this amazing lady!!!!

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