Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazing Alpacas.....

Remember I mentioned that we were going to my Brothers Alpaca Farm to babysit the Alpacas whilst he and his wife went off to a conference? Well, we are now back at home, and I have some photos to share. The area, near Port Lincoln in South Australia, is in drought, and so everything was so dry. There was a really big bushfire whilst we were there, about 50kms away, and it had us concerned for awhile. The Alpacas are just the most beautiful, calm animals and I was completely captivated by them. They were very happy for us to walk amongst them and were very interested in us and any movements toward us were very gentle. I had heard that they can spit, and thankfully I didn't experience that directed at me. I did see them spit at each other occasionally when one got too close to another at food "treat" time. I totally fell in love with one fellow in particular, Gizmo. He is a young male, and he was just so full of personality, and was always the first to come and say hello and walk around with us. I was amazed at how docile they were. Thankfully the pregnant ladies didn't go into labour, as I think I would have been in a total panic. Hope you like the pictures.

A group of the Alpacas waiting to be fed.
This is Gizmo, my special fellow.

This is Dusty. Her new baby has exactly the same colourings as she does.
This is from the farmhouse looking towards the ocean. They are in a drought at the moment and everything is so dry.



Laura Lynn said...

Awww!!! They are adorable! I especially loved the photo of Dusty :) I agree, I probably would have panicked too if any of the momma's went into labor if I was in charge ;)

Patty B. said...

Christine, how fun. The alpacas are beautiful. Their fur is so soft too. I visited my cousin's alpaca farm a couple years ago in Kentucky. By the way, you've been tagged. See my blog for details.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Christine,

Glad that you had a nice time on the farm.
The Alpaca's are lovely and glad that they did not spit at you.

I have a cousin that has some on their farm and they do seem such placid animals.

Enjoy your weekend

Daphne said...

What a wonderful experience!!!!
Love all the pictures!!! I come back to visit often because they are so cute! I've given you a blog award! You can accept it here:

Sarah said...

Beautiful! The most wonderful eyes and eyelashes to die for! What a wonderful experience.

Hugs, Sarah x

Jigpaws said...

What wonderful photos Christine and what beautiful animals alpacas are.....those eyes are just stunning!!!
Glad you had a lovely time :o)