Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Made an Alpaca.....

We are off in a few days to my Brother's Alpaca farm, and I decided to make my Sister-in-Law, Di, an Alpaca. Well after lots of trial and error, here is Mrs. Alpaca, made from Alpaca. I'm just off to wrap her now. Will post some pictures of our stay at the farm when I get back. I'm going to have to get the lady Alpacas to cross their legs whilst I am in charge, as two of them are heavily pregnant. I shall have kittens myself if one of them decides to deliver......


Draffin Bears said...

Have a lovely time down on the farm Christine and I do hope that the Mummy Alpaca wait to have their babies, when your brother gets back.

I love the little Alpaca you made ~ you have captured the gentle spirit of them.


Jigpaws said...

Your little alpaca is just gorgeous Christine :o)

I hope you have a wonderful time at the alpaca farm.......I'm sure you're sister-in-law is going to love her little gift!!


Pauline said...

Hi Christine, love your Alpaca, what a wonderful opportunity to see the farm.


Marlys said...

Hi Christine:

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Dolls N Dreams said...

Hi, Laura Lynn tagged me to post 6 random things about myself and I wanted to know if you'd like to play ;) You can find out how to play @ my Blog...

Ruth said...

Hi Christine ,
If you pop over to my blog you'll find details of an award I'm passing on to you !
I love the little alpaca - they are so cute aren't they ?
Huggies ,

Tammy said...

What a cute little alpaca ! I hope you have fun at the farm.

I also want to tag you and ask you to post 6 random things about yourself. The rules are on my blog if you choose to play :)

hugs, Tammy

Sue, FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Christine, I have just awarded you one of my blog awards, for being a friend to us all, please visit my website for details
Sue xx